# Samples


The following examples are an excerpt from our test code.

# Base32

Hier are some examples for the Base32-Encoding from RFC 4648, section 10:

ASCII String Base32 Encoding
"" ""
"f" "MY======"
"fo" "MZXQ===="
"foo" "MZXW6==="
"foob" "MZXW6YQ="
"fooba" "MZXW6YTB"
"foobar" "MZXW6YTBOI======"

Note that there are no padding characters (=) in the line before the last line. This hints to an invariant of the Base32 algorithm which is to encode chunks of 5 bytes to 8 characters from the Base32 alphabet.

# Base32Check1

Here are some examples for the Base32Check1 checksum from our test code:

Base32 Encoding Check Digit
"" 'A'
"A" 'A'
"AB" 'Q'
"ABC" 'J'
"ABCD" 'V'